Changing Your Name in Michigan

Adult Name Change

The procedure for changing a person’s name in Michigan is set forth in MCL 711.1. A person may submit a petition to change his or her name as long as he or she shows sufficient reason for the change and does not seek the change with fraudulent intent. MCL 711.1(1). If the person seeking the name change has a criminal record, he or she is presumed to have fraudulent intent and has the burden to rebut the presumption.

Minor (Child) Name Change

The procedure for changing a child's name is similar to that for an adult. It must be filed on their behalf by their parents or parent. If one parent is filing, there needs to be approval from the other. A minor who is 14 years of age or older must sign a written consent in the presence of the judge before an order to change name can be entered for that minor. This can be done at the hearing to change the name.

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