Ann Arbor Family Mediation & Arbitration Services

Musser Love, P.C. offers mediation, arbitration, and parenting coordination services. The firm can represent clients in mediation or arbitration. We also have attorneys who are trained mediators and can offer parenting coordination services.

Mediation, Arbitration and Parenting Coordination in Cases Involving Domestic Violence

The Michigan statutes controlling mediation, arbitration, and parenting coordination have provisions in them relating to domestic violence. Mediators are required to “screen” cases for domestic violence. If there has been domestic violence in a case, then mediation might not be appropriate. If mediation does take place in this sort of case, the mediator must protect the victim during the process. There are also provisions in the domestic arbitration statute and the parenting coordination statute relating to domestic violence. A Guardian ad litem (GAL) or a lawyer GAL for the child might be ideal in a case of domestic violence, especially if one party denies the violence and/or there is an issue as to the impact on the child.

Generally, mediation is confidential and non-binding. Parenting coordinators can make recommendations to the court. Arbitration can result in a binding outcome that cannot be appealed.

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