Wills and Distributing Your Michigan Estate

Drafting a Last Will and Testament can help ensure that your property passes to your family and loved ones as you desire and allows you to name a personal representative. This can save your family a lot of stress, confusion and contention in the future. With the help of a knowledgeable lawyer, creating a will is a fairly straightforward process.

The Ann Arbor estate planning attorneys at Musser Love, P.C. have considerable experience with estate planning. In addition, our work with high-asset divorce and corporate law gives us the financial acumen to meet your goals.

Our Approach to Wills

One of the hallmarks of our law firm is personalized legal service. This starts with taking the time to listen to our clients. We do not begin working on your will until we thoroughly understand your goals. Then we customize your will to your needs.

People generally choose from two types of wills. If you have a trust, you need a pour over will. If you do not have a trust, you need a simple will.

Your will details how you want your estate handled after your death. This can include:

  • Transferring property and assets to heirs
  • Providing for children
  • Leaving gifts to charity
  • Creating trusts

It is not advisable to use wills for naming guardians for your children because this can be challenged using the Michigan best interests test. We can discuss how to set up a guardianship for your minor children if you wish.

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