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Sandy works so hard for her clients, going above and beyond a typical attorney.

– Sarah, Divorce Client, 2017

Miss Alison was extremely helpful in my case of establishing parental rights as well as a custody agreement. She was very thorough and explained every step of the process. I appreciate all of her effort and help with the success of my case. I would definitely recommend her.

– Kenny, Custody Client, 2017

Sandy answered all of my questions thoroughly, gave recommendations for parenting time and division of assets based on the reality of today's court system, and gave advice specific to my situation.

– Client, 2017

Alison was knowledge, sweet, kind and caring throughout our process. I've had awful experiences in the past and she turned that around. Always a constant line of communication and never left in the dark. I would recommend her to anyone! Thanks again Alison!

– Shelagh, Client, 2016

I would hire Sandy again in a heartbeat, and recommend her to anyone.

– Client, 2017

Sandy Musser is an extremely hardworking and knowledgeable attorney with the utmost integrity. I found her to be professional, yet still kind, caring and compassionate.

– Divorce Client, 2017

The associate attorneys in Marian’s firm, especially Sandy Musser, are similarly excellent. I highly recommend.

– Todd, Divorce Client, 2015

I met Sandy two and a half years ago, during my very protracted divorce case and was totally impressed by the way she handled opposing counsels' unethical conduct, stall tactics, bullying, and aggressive behaviors. She remained steadfast in her principles, used honorable tactics and I was very happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend Sandy Musser and the whole legal team at Faupel Law for any, and all of your legal needs.

– Divorce Client, 2016

Alison McLaughlin Love was a part of team of Musser Love, P.C. providing a legal support in my divorce case. She did an excellent job and help to complete the legal procedures and reach a satisfactory settlement without going to trial.

– Andy, Divorce Client, 2017

I would recommend Ms. Musser to anyone! She is extremely knowledgeable and well-respected! A+

– Former Client

Within two weeks of retaining Alison, she got us in front of a judge and the parenting agreement and child support was put into place that same day. I couldn't believe how efficient she was at her job and how quickly she got things done. She really does care about her clients, and she's very fair. She made this very stressful process much easier for me. I would highly recommend hiring Alison Love.

– Mary, Custody Client, 2017

Ms. Musser is a fantastic attorney, she is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the area of family law. Whenever I have a question regarding child custody or divorce she has always been quick to help and give valuable advice.

– Attorney Endorsement

I've had numerous cases with Cassandra as opposing counsel and her office is professional. Cassandra is very knowledgeable in the area of family law and I endorse this lawyer.

– Attorney Endorsement