Where do I pay my child support in Michigan?

It used to be that you paid the local Friend of the Court; however, Michigan now requires people to pay through offices in Lansing. Because support is now collected at a statewide level, the State can distribute payments to numerous payees if a payor has a child in more than one county or subject to more than one court proceeding. If John Doe has 3 children to whom he owes $200/month each but he only makes a $300 payment instead of a $600 payment, then the court will distribute to each mother $100 of the $300 received. This is to avoid Mr. Doe’s attempt to pay more support to one of his children than another. Also, the state now has the ability to enforce child support orders by suspending drivers license's and professional licenses and by putting a hold on bank accounts in which a payor has an interest (whether disclosed or not).

In most cases where a payor is employed, there is an “order of income withholding” entered by the court and sent to the employer.  This order requires the employer to withhold the child support that has been ordered from that parent’s paycheck.  Parties can “opt out” of having the FOC collect the child support, and they can agree to automatic withdrawals and deposits from private bank accounts. In today’s world, most court-ordered child support is paid through orders of income withholding. That has made it less likely that the court will have to “enforce” a child support order—but this, of course, depends on continued employment.