Skipping College Increases the Odds of Divorce

You probably did not think about divorce when deciding if you should go to college or not. You considered your career, the financial impact and a lot of other factors. You may not even have been married yet, so you definitely were not worrying about the end of that marriage.

However, studies have found that going to college -- or skipping it -- can have a massive impact on the odds of divorce.

Specifically, about 30 percent of college graduates who got married ended up getting divorced. By no means does that education insulate them from all chances of a failed marriage. That still means that roughly one out of every three couples decided to end things.

However, the study also discovered that more than 50 percent of people who did not finish their high school degrees -- and certainly did not attend college -- also got divorced. This makes it clear that education has a direct impact. The longer you stay in school, the greater the odds that your marriage will last.

There are a lot of potentially related factors to consider. For instance, money causes issues in many relationships. Those with college degrees may earn more than those without. Age also plays a role. Those who do not go to college may get married at a younger age than those who do.

Of course, no matter what type of education you have, this study also shows that divorce is possible regardless. It is very important for you to know exactly what legal rights you have as your marriage comes to an end.

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