The Factors Considered in a Michigan Child Custody Case

Child custody is always a difficult issue to deal with when two parents separate. There may be disagreements on how best to raise a child, and there may also be concerns from one parent about the child's safety and welfare when they are with the other parent.

The state of Michigan seeks to make a child custody ruling that is in the child's best interests. Many parents are confused about how the courts decide what would be in the child's best interests. They do this by assessing several factors to establish where the child will get the best care and emotional support.

What are the main factors that are assessed in a child custody case?

Most importantly, the courts want to ensure that the child in question is going to be safe and cared for by their custodians. Therefore, they will want to know that they receive love and emotional support, and well as having their physical needs met through food, shelter, clothing and assistance.

Can the religion of a parent affect the child custody?

Child custody courts will try to ensure that the child can continue to learn and practice the religion they were raised with. Therefore, if it interferes with the child's best interests, it might affect the child custody decision.

What happens if a parent is hostile toward the other parent?

The courts want every parent to encourage a good relationship with the other parent. Therefore, if a parent is hostile toward the other or tries to jeopardize the relationship the child has with them, this could affect the custody outcome.

It is important to understand exactly how the child custody laws operate in Michigan.

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