Free Minute With a Lawyer

Do you have a problem? What does the law say about your situation? Do you need an attorney? These are questions we all have from time to time. Sometimes all we need is for someone to explain a legal term to use like guardian ad litem, personal representative, successor trustee, escrow, mediation, arbitration, fiduciary duty, statute of limitations, or statute of frauds. Often it just takes a minute or so to understand a term or an issue and to discover options available to you.

Most attorneys charge “by the hour.” Many have a “consultation fee.” It is unlikely that any attorney would charge you “by the minute” even though your question might take only a minute to answer.

Musser Love, P.C. is happy to provide you with a series of videos that we affectionately call “free minute with a lawyer.” These videos are free to you, and we hope they are helpful. If you discover that you need further information or legal assistance, we hope that you will consider retaining Musser Love to assist you.

Have a suggestion for a free minute topic?  Just send us an e-mail.

Michigan Real Estate

Michigan Real Estate

Michigan Real Estate Hi, I’m Marian Faupel. This is another Free Minute With an Attorney. When you own real estate, you can own it on your own name with no one else. But if you do own it with someone else, you are e… Read More