Our Ann Arbor Child Support Attorneys: Years of Experience with Support Orders, Modification, and Collections

For qualified representation in child support matters, turn to a lawyer at Musser Love, P.C. Our Ann Arbor child support attorneys are highly-experienced advocates, representing the interests of clients in Washtenaw County and throughout southeastern Michigan. We take the time to get to know our clients and their families. This understanding of each client’s individual situation allows us to provide tailored information to meet his or her needs and better assist in making educated decisions regarding the cases.

Whether you were married to the other parent of your child or not, child support is ordered to ensure that your child’s best interests are served. It is important to remember that what serves your child’s best interests may not necessarily serve yours — in fact, when determining child support obligations, courts focus on the children. Child support awards are based on a statutory formula that takes into account a number of factors. These factors include the number of children involved, the income of the parties, expenses (such as day care and health care), and various other considerations unique to your family, which may have an impact on your need to collect or your ability to pay child support.

How We Help with Child Support Matters

We strive to help clients on either side of a child support matter understand their rights and obligations. Our attorneys can assist clients in seeking an initial child support order, a support modification, or collection of child support arrearages.

Musser Love in Ann Arbor, Michigan is ready to discuss your legal issue, please call one of our skilled child support attorneys at (734) 677-0776 or contact Musser Love online or via e-mail.