My spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend says I have an anger management problem. Will that hurt me?

Anger issues concern the court. If you have problems in your relationships (e.g., at work, at home, and with your family of origin), you may have an anger management problem. If you go to the website for Catholic Social Services in Washtenaw County you will find a tab at the top for “counseling,” and under that tab, you will find “alternatives for domestic aggression” (ADA).  Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County has a questionnaire on its site that will help you determine whether you would benefit from their ADA program.   You do not have to be Catholic to enroll in this program.

You probably have an anger management problem if that is something other people are talking to you about; if you have put a hole in a wall out of anger; if your driving is affected by your feelings about other drivers; if you throw things when you are mad; and if you tend to scream and swear when you are upset.