Mediation Can Help You to Agree on Spousal Support

There is no doubt that the process of divorce is difficult for many different reasons. There are many social challenges that are difficult to face. For example, divorcing spouses need to break the news of the divorce to their children and other loved ones. But there are also financial challenges to resolve. One issue that can cause the most anger and resentment in the state of Michigan is the question of spousal support.

Spousal support is awarded for good reason: It is an attempt to level the financial playing field for each spouse, and create fair opportunities for financial independence. Many divorcing spouses who have spousal support obligations tend to put up a fight because they believe it would be unfair to part with their hard-earned cash for the sake of their ex-spouse. However, they tend to overlook the nonfinancial contributions that their ex-spouse has made in the marriage.

How can mediation help my divorcing spouse and I come to an agreement on spousal support?

Mediation can create a neutral environment in which you and your divorcing spouse can discuss key issues relating to the divorce. You will be guided through this, and encouraged to understand each other's perspective. Many divorcing spouses are then able to see both arguments and devise a spousal support arrangement that they both think is fair given the situation.

If you want to come to a spousal support agreement amicably, you may want to consider mediation approaches as part of your divorce process. It is also important that you understand your legal rights in Michigan.

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