How Can I Get My Groove Back After My Divorce

If you're an Ann Arbor woman who is struggling to move forward after your divorce is finalized, the future may appear unnaturally bleak. This is particularly true when the divorce was unwanted.

However, even when you were the one who filed (or at least agreed that you needed to split), feelings of regret and uncertainty are common.

Fortunately, it is entirely possible to get your groove back and have a fabulous post-divorce life. The following suggestions may be helpful for those who are stuck.

Release your regrets

You won't be able to allow new joy, happiness and yes, love, into your life if you still have anger, fear and sadness bottled up inside. You need to acknowledge these feelings of loss and pain and then release them. Journaling may be helpful, as might writing an (unsent) letter to your ex that you then read and burn.

Take time for you

Women in relationships and marriages often make their partners' and spouses' wishes paramount to their own. Maybe they hate sleeping with the TV on, but their husband insisted. Now, you can take the TV completely out of the bedroom if you choose.

Do other things for yourself that make you happy. Whether it's sleeping in on the weekends instead of going for the morning jog or changing the way you dress, do it. Have that second cup while curled up with the morning paper. Wear what makes you feel the best.

Establish a social network

One thing that many divorced women notice is how their social circle shrinks when they go through a divorce. Whether friends and family feel a need to take sides or fear that divorce might be "contagious," many women find themselves without their traditional support systems intact.

It's important to reconnect with those who have provided love and support to you in the past, while also developing new friendships.

Finally, if you are finding it difficult to climb out of bed and have lost all joy in life, you may need some professional help to get over this challenge. Your Ann Arbor family law attorney might be able to recommend someone for short-term counseling that will get you back on track.

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