What to Consider When Planning to Adopt Your Stepchild

If you are a stepparent, it is likely that you have already gone through the process of developing a strong relationship with your stepchild. You may have been a parental figure to them since they were a young baby, and, for all intents and purposes, you may consider them the same as if they were your biological child.

Having such a strong parental bond with your stepchild may cause you to consider adopting them, so that you can legally be their parent in addition to emotionally feeling like their parent. It is important that you consider the following before taking action to adopt your stepchild in Michigan.

Would both of the child's biological parents consent to the adoption?

A child can only have two legally recognized parents. This means that if you want to legally adopt your stepchild, one of the parents will need to consent to give up their parental rights. This is usually done through the process of signing a waiver. Even if the parent will not sign a waiver, it may be possible to have their rights terminated, for example in a situation where the parent has never made an effort to get in touch with their child.

Is adoption right for this situation?

It's not always necessary to adopt your stepchild legally in order to have a good relationship with them. It is a good idea to consider whether adoption is a necessary step. It is important to also make sure that this is what the child wants. In many cases, it can bring a sense of security and stability to a household.

Do you have the funds to make the adoption a reality?

While adopting a stepchild is much cheaper than going through any other form of adoption, it still costs money. This is why you should weigh up the costs and the benefits before taking action. You should expect the process of adopting a stepchild to cost anywhere between $1,000 and $4,000.

It is important to do your own personal reflection and to conduct through research on the legal process of adoption in Michigan. By doing so, you will know what to expect from the process and smooth the way for as expedited a resolution as possible.

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